Trails round two: would you like to tell us the story of a trail?


Calling all adventurers! We’re looking for teams to take on a Slow Ways Trail this summer

Our spring call-out for groups to walk particular trails of Slow Ways was a great success! Throughout March and April small groups headed out to walk trails, and have sent in beautiful stories of their experiences, including films, songs, architectural models, prose poetry, and photo essays. Keep an eye out on Stories channel as they appear over the next weeks.

We were so delighted that we’re doing it again, and this time with more trails available to apply for!

There are Trails all around Britain and we are offering £600 as a contribution towards the expenses of you and your team. Teams need to be three people or more, and you can choose your preference and two back-up trails from this list:

TrailsKm/milesTell me more!
Glasgow – Sanquhar117/73These two beautiful-looking routes will connect Carlisle and Glasgow, and stop off at Sanquhar, an historical Scottish town with railway access to both Glasgow and Carlisle
Sanquhar – Carlisle130/81
Carlisle – Ripon173/107This route skirts the Pennines and crosses the Yorkshire Dales, connecting Carlislie to Ripon and Leeds
Carlisle – Newcastle109/68A cross-country route running east to west, almost coast to coast
Hereford – Machynlleth147/92An exciting route taking you through Hay-on-Wye and central Wales
Leeds – Lancaster118/73Help us connect Yorkshire and Lancashire with this route via Preston
Newark-Lincoln-Doncaster113/70We’d love to make a connection from the verified routes of south Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire out to the picturesque cathedral city of Lincoln
Norwich – Ely – Peterborough167/104Taking on this trail would help us create a verified route into East Anglia and connect Norwich, Ely, Cambridge and Peterborough to our network in one go
Bristol – Gloucester – Oxford173/107While much of the West Country has Slow Ways routes, Gloucester is a barren patch. This would be an important connection to join up the network
Perth – Dundee – Aberdeen183/114By the end of the summer you should be able to walk from Aberdeen to Plymouth on verified walking routes but we need a team to connect Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen first
Bangor – St Asaph – WrexhamConnecting St Asaph and Wrexham to England
South Coast Curve94/58This route will connect four southern cities to the Slow Ways network: Salisbury, Southampton, Portsmouth and Chichester
Colchester – Southend85/53This important section will provide a trusted route out eastwards from London and will join with existing routes going up through Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk
Leeds – Bradford – Manchester93/58Why not provide a slow alternative to the M62 and take on this Trail connecting Leeds and Manchester via Bradford

What you need to do

  • Please take a look at the Slow Ways Trails Application Information and decide which you want to apply for. You can apply for up to three routes but first preferences will take precedence so please do select carefully.
  • Assemble your team and ensure all of you can walk all of the routes in the Trail by the deadline, though this doesn’t have to be in one go.
  • Fill in your application, including telling us about each of your team members as well as the story you want to tell, and how your story might inspire others. You can be as creative as you like!
  • The deadline for your submission is the 2nd of June and we will be briefing those selected between the 10th-18th June. All walks and reviews need to be completed by 11th August with final stories submitted by the 31st August 2024. Please check the Application Information for more information.
Slow Ways
Slow Ways is an initiative to create a national network of walking routes connecting all of Great Britain’s towns and cities as well as thousands of villages. It’s designed to make it easier for people to imagine, plan and go on walking journeys, walking further and for more purposes.