Slow Ways art #2: Ranya Abdulateef


Wakefield-based textile artist Ranya Abdulateef walked a Slow Ways route with friend and fellow artist Shanelle Bateman. Shanelle and Ranya decided to try out each others’ art practice in making work inspired by the journey

“I illustrated my Slow Ways walk from Leeds to Pudsey using mixed media collage. The piece I completed is A2 in size. Collage is an art practice that I have not experimented much with, but I thought it would work well, which it did. The collage contains images from our walk and includes hand-drawn illustrations depicting some places. The background was inspired by the canal reflection and some paint that we found spilled over the floor. I think it makes a nice background.’

Ranya Abdulateef 
Ranya is a textile artist based in Wakefield. Founder of MelograniArt embroidery, a member of the Merrie collective and a sewing teacher and project leader with Leeds Refugee Forum. Ranya has a varied practice including printing, embroidery, illustration, and painting as well as photography, which are all inspired by nature. 

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