Walking between railway stations – a new national network

Steve Melia is a travel writer who never drives or flies. He's teaming up with Slow Ways and needs your help to create a walking network between train stations

Walking and not-walking in Marseille

Poet Caleb Parkin reflects on movement and mobility – plus strange intertwinings with the Papal itinerary – in this shuffled deck of moments

How to trailblaze a Slow Way

Plenty of Slow Ways routes have yet to be walked. Being the first to try one out is adventurous and generous! Read on for advice from seasoned Slow Ways volunteers

The 40-mile Slow Way, pursued by wee beasties

Jo Bennie strikes out solo on the no-joke Cairngorms Slow Ways. Here, with midges, cold soup, and a mountain with a rude name, is her latest

Volunteer with us! Become a Wayfarer

We are growing our community and launching a new way to get involved and volunteer with Slow Ways – by joining our team of Wayfarers

Tell us the story of a trail

Ready for an adventure? Could you assemble a team and walk a trail this spring? And then tell us the story of your experience? Bag one of our £500 commissions!

Tales: A ‘senseAble’ walk with Deaf-initely Women

We all have one or more of our senses compromised and this walk was devised to enhance all the others. Read how we found different ways to appreciate nature, from framing to counting flowers with nature's rosaries!

Announcing the Big Slow Ways Challenge 2024

Sign up to a distance challenge – how far will you walk, run, wheel or hike in 2024? Do it for your body, your mind, your country! And for the rewards too!