Middle women

Three school friends rekindle their sense of adventure, seeking freedom beyond work, family and menopause, on foot through the West Midlands

Singing the song of the Dee to the Wye

Songwriter Janie Mitchell walks from Chester to Hereford through one of the wettest months ever recorded, and records her own song for the hidden histories and ever-present water

Pilgrims, radicals, adventurers, traders – the people who formed our paths

The Ramblers' Head of Paths, Jack Cornish, tracks the generations making and remaking their landscape on foot and horseback

Tales: Somang Lee’s field guide to walking

"I am allowed to take up and reclaim space" says illustrator Somang Lee. In the wake of the pandemic's anti-Asian hate crime, she has reclaimed space through outdoor adventures, and healing through returning to her roots

Trails round two: would you like to tell us the story of a trail?

Calling all adventurers! We're looking for teams to take on a Slow Ways Trail this summer Our spring call-out for groups to walk particular trails of Slow Ways was a great success! Throughout March and...

Office workers! Get off your bums!

Ioana Biris of Nature Desks argues that it's time to follow in Amsterdam's footsteps and work outside for the UK's first Outdoor Office Day

Tales from the Danelaw

Let architect Thom Brisco take you on a 100-mile tour of landscapes colonised by the Romans, settled by the Saxons, and raided by the Vikings, then fortified by the Normans and drained by the Dutch

Five things to try doing while walking

Excuse me, are you walking for leisure or travel? These are the two boxes to tick. But there are hundreds more purposes, and here are five you might not have tried